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LEGACY // Atim Brenda's Legacy

Every Legacy Starts With a Dream

"I want to become one of the biggest businesswomen in Uganda." Atim Brenda was not always the confident and self-sufficient woman you see today. When we first met Brenda in 2011, she was struggling to provide for herself and her family, and her lack of education made it difficult for her to secure a job. Despite these challenges, Brenda worked incredibly hard during her time at KK Uganda and through various job trainings and one-on-one sessions with her mentor, she discovered a passion for entrepreneurship. She began selling secondhand clothing, mostly shoes, and found success. Now that her business is thriving, she is looking forward to opening her own shop in town. Her life after graduating from our program is not only easier, but more enjoyable. Brenda's success is a testament to the hard-working and strong individual that she is, and we are incredibly proud of the progress she has made and the person she has become. IMG_7820 IMG_8190


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