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LEGACY // Krochet Kids intl. Was Born

Day 1 of Krochet Kids intl.

The truth is, there were many days and sleepless nights prior to the first day of crochet training in Uganda back in the summer of 2007. We had been selling our own hats, raising money, and telling people about our idea to empower women through jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa. We had been learning from any and every connection we had in the region, as well as people who had traveled there previously. But none of that mattered until we had the opportunity to see firsthand the feasibility of teaching women to crochet on the ground. Watch above as some of our initial team members recount the historic day of crochet training and the emotional roller coaster it was. We truly regard this moment as the beginning of our work. The catalyst that turned what was formerly just a hypothesis into a full blown reality. And 10 years later we look back on this day as a reminder of what optimism, perseverance, and a small group of passionate people can accomplish.
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