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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Lucy Gutierrez

Before working with Krochet Kids Lucy Gutierrez made bracelets and was selling them to make an income of less than $15 a month. Lucy is a great example of what empowerment is all about. She dreams to someday have her own business where she can make clothes for her family and to sell in the market. She'd also like to pursue a nursing degree. Read about what she carries and the significance of signing her name in each hat. Who is the girl in the photo? My little girl, my princess, my being. She is my everything for me. Which of these tools do you use most often in your job? The wool, piquetera (to the right of the scissors) and the scissors. In reality, I use everything pretty much everyday. How difficult is it to make the pattern on this hat? Only in the planning ahead of time because sometimes it's doesn't come out clear if you don't have the pattern exactly right. What is the significance for you when you sign your name in the hat? It gives me enthusiasm to continue forward in my work because I take pride in what I do and in the fact that it travels to other places. My signature provides value to my work and this gives me strength to continue. What do you do in your free time? I spend my free time with my daughter. What is the use of the tools at the bottom of the photo that is long and made of metal? It's the empeine (instep) that holds the beanie so that it does not fall off the points and also helps give form to the hat.



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