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WHAT 'YOU' CARRY: Contest Winner

We were amazed by the number of entries in our WHAT 'YOU' CARRY contest. Those of you who submitted photos really put thought into your displays and we love being a part of a diverse community that lays it all out there. Thank you! We're excited to announce that the winner is...Shelby Grates! Here's a quick interview with Shelby about what she carries and how she connects to the lady who made her hat: Who made your hat? How does she inspire you? Akello Agnes made my hat. Her story is so inspiring. No matter the unfortunate circumstances that I encounter, I try to rise above them and turn them into something beautiful. She had a difficult past, but Agnes appears to be motivated and determined to turn it into something positive, and I love that Krochet Kids is giving her an even a greater chance to succeed and help her family. I love that she wants to study, because education is so important to me. I too plan on starting a business and helping out my family. Plus, her sparkling smile is contagious! What a beautiful lady! <READ AKELLO AGNES' PROFILE HERE> What does it mean to you that you get to see the person that made your hat? It's incredible that I am able to see and learn about the person that made my hat. I think this concept is a huge factor into why Krochet Kids is so appealing to me. It's such a greater connection, and I love knowing where my money is going. These women definitely deserve to have their stories told; each of them are a dark horse in their own way. I kind of feel like I know her, and when I wear my hat, I can't help but feel like the connection to her. It feels like a gift. Is that a mini Nutella pack? Where did you get it? What are you going to eat it with? Yes, that is a mini Nutella pack! My aunt and uncle gave it to me, because they know I'm obsessed with Nutella. They said these packs could be my "emergency on-the-go packs" if I ever have a crazy craving, and I certainly do! Ha! I'll eat it with anything. Strawberries, carrots, or just straight up. I'm a Nutella-addict. What are some of the items you carry in the box? The plastic box is my art tool box. I'm a full time art student, and this is my magic box. I keep my pen and ink set in it, charcoal, my Prismacolor markers and colored pencils, ruler, brushes, pencils, oil paints, and any thing I might need in my art classes. This little box is with me every day. It's a little beat up, but I've covered it with my favorite stickers, and I'm determined to make it last. I have the Krochet Kids "LOVE" sticker on my art tool box and on my car. I absolutely love when people ask me about it, so I can share the Krochet Kids story. It's definitely a conversation starter! What do you like about 'the Lucille?' I love "the Lucille" because it's light and I can throw it on with every outfit. I love the slouchy style of it, and the beautiful crochet work. I can tell Miss Akello put love into it!



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