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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Emily Elliott

Name: Emily Elliott Occupation:: Designer KKi product: 'the Abigail' <SHOP NOW!> What initially inspired you to pursue designing as a career? I think it was something that was always a part of me, and then I had parents who encouraged and fostered that growth. Tell us about your current work space? I work in an old warehouse building in Downtown LA, that was built in 1913. I like it because the building has a lot of cool artists that work in it and it's a really nice community. My friends work here and so does my husband and his company. What is your favorite part of the design process? Seeing people enjoy it and seeing my initial vision brought to life. How would you describe the current line you are working on? A collection of knits with a sexy, sophisticated edge. They are not your normal basics, but more of your statement piece to be worn day to night. What's the most important/useful tool in the photo? The pencil. It all starts with a pencil...and then I would say my LD Tuttles. Lol, those are my boots. Where did you get your pin cushion from? Is it a tomato? Yes actually it is, aren't they cute?! You can get them at any sewing supply store, but I don't remember where I got this one. My grandmother and mother both used these. What is the small tool with the wooden handle used for (bottom left, next to safety pins)? Its a puncher, a multi purpose tool. It can punch holes in leather, pop out narrow edges, and flip folds. A very useful tool. Are these some of the current colors you are working with? No that was our Summer 12 pallet What color do you think would best suit my complexion? You have nice tan skin, maybe the lemon yellow For us that aren't designers, is there a tool or something in the picture we may not recognize, but you find it extremely useful in your day to day work? See the color cards to the right? Those are pantone swatches. We will create our seasonal pallets from them and then reference them daily to ensure the collection has a cohesive and consistant color story. Your scarf was made by Lamaro Pamela. After viewing her profile, what stuck out to you about her and her story? I guess that she wants the American people to love her, that she feels we can make a difference for them. And as hard as it is, small steps have been made and have changed many lives Krochet Kids is a perfect example of that. <VIEW LAMARO PAMELA'S COMPLETE PROFILE HERE> Pamela loves designing and tailoring like you. What advice would you give her as she continues to improve her craft? Keep getting inspired and doing what you love. We are gifted in something, and I believe if you pursue what you are good at you will find a way to make it a part of your everyday life. What advice would you give her about starting a new design business? Get ready!!! Get ready for the amount of work you will put it. Don't give up and always keep your perspective. It's rewarding work and good luck! What do you enjoy about 'the Abigail' scarf? The loose stitch. It feels hand made, because it is hand made. Which to me is what makes it so special and unique to the rest of the product out there (that's made with machines). The art of craft is becoming a thing of the past. Where can we see more of your work? Currently we are in Intermix and at Look for us in Nordstroms and Saks Fifth Avenue next month.



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