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What Men Need to Know About Women's Empowerment

face to face - whoorl I am not a woman. Yet the organization I have been a part of founding exists to serve vulnerable women around the globe by providing holistic care that empowers them toward their independent futures. What then do I have to offer on women's issues? How can I relate to the complexities of being a woman today or further, the challenges of being a woman living within a developing nation? The truth: I can't. But the best way I have found I can help is to get out of the way. I hope that by now people have a good understanding of how we rely on local mentors to do our most important work. Mentors who live in the communities where we operate, who are well-educated, and who fiercely seek success for the women in our programs. They are the backbone to our empowerment model because they contextualize our work in ways others (ahem... myself) never could. Recently, I was further reminded of the strong and important bond that connects women. Earlier this week, we hosted 4 incredible bloggers at our empowerment project in Lima, Peru. Through their journey I witnessed the beauty of mothers relating to one another over the struggles of raising their children as single parents. I saw the importance of the childcare we offer with fresh perspective. Ultimately, their writing communicated a visceral quality that carries honesty and pain and truth. I am SO thankful for this. We choose to work with women because we believe they are a linchpin for social change. We believe women are strong and capable. Nearly eight years into our work, I am more convinced of this than ever before. Does being a man negate my involvement in women's empowerment? Of course not! But it's important to understand the role I need to play to best serve this movement, and to recognize the power of women relating to one another. It's a force to be reckoned with. - Kohl Crecelius, CEO & Co-founder p.s. Learn more & get involved with KKPeru by going HERE.


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