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Welcome Spring Playlist

spring playlist

With Spring 2015 upon us, it's time for a new spring playlist!

Hey there! Sure, Punxsutawney Phil says we're still in for a bit more winter, but as we've transitioned from frigid winter to sunnier skies (remember, our HQ is in California), I wanted create a list of tracks that sort of embody that restoration starting to take place. I give you, the Welcome Spring Playlist. Focusing on newer releases, my hope was that you'd discover a brand-new favorite song or two. That's what spring is about, right? Newness and a fresh perspective. Flowers are slowly starting to poke themselves out of hiding and bloom, and there's hope and enjoyment all around. How wonderful is that?! As always, friends, there's something for everyone on this mix. I really hope you dig it! Cheers, Amanda P.S. What else have you been listening to lately? I would love to know. Comment below.


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