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We Were Featured In A Documentary

The New Breed - The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur

We've been waiting for this day to come for awhile now and thus we are so excited to officially share the news. Our co-founder Kohl Crecelius was a subject in a new documentary focused on social entrepreneurship!

Filming took place between 2016 - 2018 and now the film is finally ready for viewing starting TODAY! Watch at NEWBREED.TV The best part? The film is streaming for FREE for the next week before it moves onto other distribution. So if you are looking to add something to your streaming queue over the weekend (and we know you are) then please give the film a watch and share about it with your friends.

Our world is in disarray and many of us are thinking about the future we want to build or the world we want to live in once this pandemic subsides. In this context, we think the subject matter of this documentary is so important to consider.

What if more businesses emerged with a social mission? Or how can existing businesses implement social change into their culture? Great things to consider during this time.




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