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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Schuyler McFerran

Name: Schuyler McFerran Occupation/title: Student, Designer, & Surfer KKi product: 'the Juliette' - Moonshadow <shop now!> Tell us about your history with surfing... I started surfing when I was 10, and was immediately drawn to longboarding. When I was about 12, I started competing, and from there I continued to travel and compete and was fortunate enough to win the 2006 ASP Women's World Longboard title. Although I don't compete anymore, I still surf as often as I can and will always appreciate the time I spent as a professional surfer and the amazing experiences, places, and people I have been able to meet. Favorite break you have ever surfed? My favorite break would have to be the Pass in Byron Bay, Australia. It's a great wave for a variety of boards, it's breathtakingly beautiful, and the crowd always seems to be fairly mellow. That wetsuit has your name on it. Could you please explain why? I was lucky enough to collaborate on a wetsuit design with my sponsor, Almond Surfboards. They needed a women's wetsuit, so Dave let me come up with the design and logo and the feather you see in the photo is part of what I designed for them. Is that a feather in your notebook? Yep! I always seem to have a feather floating around, whether I'm using them for bookmarks or art projects or finding random ones on the street. I can't seem to stop collecting them. How many days a year would you say you wear sunglasses? Pretty much every day, it's hard not to when you live in California! Tell us about your boots... My boots are from a company I am currently working for called Esquivel. They make amazing leather shoes right here in California, and since our office is in the same building as the workshop where they make everything, it's been amazing seeing how shoes are made and getting to learn about the whole process from start to finish. My pink boots have become one of my clothing staples, I love them. Your headband was made by Anek Zipola. What stood out to you about her story after viewing her profile? I love that she has taken the new tools and opportunities given her by Krochet Kids and used them to help change her life in a really positive way. It's amazing hearing that she now has the confidence to dream and plan for a future that can hold big things for her and that will continue to have a dramatic impact on not just her life, but her child's as well. <VIEW ANEK ZIPOLA'S COMPLETE PROFILE HERE> What does it mean to you that you get to see the person that made your hat? Knowing more about Zipola and her story and how much life has changed for her for the better because of her work for Krochet Kids, really makes me view my hat in a different way. Before, I would have just seen a hat, whereas now I see something that carries with it a sense of hope for someone, a path to a better life, and a beautiful story of change and growth. What wisdom would you impart on Zipola as she heads back to school, being a student yourself? I would encourage her to really work hard and invest herself and her time in her education, as an education is invaluable and something that she can continue to use for years to come to make a better life for herself and her family. What do you like about 'the Juliette' headband? I love that it's something I can wear in both winter and summer, and it's perfect for throwing on after a surf when my hair is crazy. What's the fit like? It's incredibly soft, comfortable, and lightweight. I would wear one everyday if I could get away with it. Where can we follow along on your continued journey? You can check out my website or blog for updates on my adventures and projects I have in the works:



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