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Twitpic Tuesday

Happy Twitpic Tuesday! Here's another look at how you're a part KKi- whether it's wearing our product, taking a quick pic of a beanie, or going to one of our events. Thanks for your continued support in breaking the cycle of poverty! Keep taking these great photos and we'll keep posting! Remember to tag @krochetkids or post on our Facebook wall. (clockwise from top left) "I picked up this hat in Austin during SXSW: Krochet Kids Intl. Pretty impressive stuff." (via @djairlaunch) "Our brand rep, Jared, is the perfect model for the @krochetkids Lincoln Bow Tie. Shop the look:" (via @LambandFlagCo) "Buy a hat change a life, @krochetkids" (via @andreeeam) "@krochetkids are top-notch humans. Help support their cause by buying a beanie and doing your part!" (via @depescemode)


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