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[VIDEO] A Portrait of Empowerment

Akot Beatrice: A Portrait of Empowerment
The most important story we have ever told...
We talk a lot about impact. We believe true impact should be measured, which requires a core understanding of extreme poverty, all of its factors, and a holistic approach to toward its alleviation. We have a person on staff whose job is focused solely on working with our international staff to measure our impact, and we even created a new page on our website devoted to the showcasing some of these important metrics (CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR IMPACT PAGE). However, we also realize that there are certain things that simply can't be measured or quantified... Akot Beatrice entered our program in Northern Uganda with little hope for a promising future. She filled her time doing odd jobs or selling fruit on the roadside, but was unable to provide her family with the necessities for basic living. Multiple times she told us the weight of her poverty and circumstances before Krochet Kids Uganda almost brought her to ending her own life. The truth is, Beatrice was full of potential. She had talents, ideas, and dreams for the future that were locked up inside of her due to her context. Fortunately, it didn't stay this way. While at Krochet Kids Uganda she was equipped with a job to meet the immediate needs of her family. Through the education we provide she began to plan and save for her future businesses. And above all, being connected to a loving community and supportive mentor allowed her to be given the confidence to pursue these dreams. This is the goal of our work. This is EMPOWERMENT. That women would be equipped to graduate from our programs and pursue careers and livelihoods independent from us as an organization. Beatrice is a testament to the beauty of what this can look like. Not only is she now supporting her family completely on her own, but she is also employing others in her community. I need to say this again... SHE IS EMPLOYING OTHER PEOPLE IN HER COMMUNITY! and providing pathways out of poverty as a result. We invest deeply in individuals so that can become the change agents for their community. We at Krochet Kids intl. -- and you who purchase our products -- are just the spark.
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A Portrait of Empowerment Krochet Kids intl. A Portrait of Empowerment Krochet Kids intl. A Portrait of Empowerment Krochet Kids intl.


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