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Retailer Spotlight: Duck & Dressing

Duck & Dressing
Duck & Dressing - Monroe, LA
With their grand opening in December 2013, Duck & Dressing is one of our newest retail partners to help share Krochet Kids intl.'s mission and we cannot be more thrilled! We were honored to connect with Duck & Dressing buyer, Rebecca Robertson, to learn their story and how they came to help spread our message of empowerment. What motivated you all to bring this type of boutique to Louisiana? I think what motivated me to bring our style of boutique to Louisiana was: the fact that we travel so much. And we've been influenced by so many different cities and their styles. I wanted to bring some of that home with me. How did you bring your ideas to life? Korie and I have always dreamed about opening our own store. It was just never the right time: I was either in school or doing my internship and working in LA. After a while, (I think Korie really just missed me) Korie called and said she felt like it was finally the right time to open the store. She asked if I would move back home and help her. The opportunity to do what we love, in our hometown, with all the local support; who could pass that up?!? What is unique about your store? We are located in downtown Monroe and this area hasn't been utilized in years. Businesses are just starting to try to build up the downtown again so our decor is really a mix of old and new. We wanted to keep the integrity of the original building but still have it be glamorous and chic. We feel like the look of the store is just as unique as the pieces we carry inside of it. What is the one thing you want people to know about Duck & Dressing? It's not a restaurant! Haha! Because of the name so many people will come in and think we will have food! No, really, we would want them to know our store isn't all about ducks and camo. Southern women are very versatile, yes we can go hunt but then we also like to get dressed up for a night out! We wanted to get the chance to show our girly side and show people the clothes that we like and we hope our customers like them too! Set_1<1> Duck & Dynasty How did you first learn about Krochet Kids intl.? I first found out about Krochet Kids intl. when I was living in LA and I just happened to walk into a store that carried KKi. That's where I heard the story behind the brand and I was just so moved. Then fast forward a year later and I'm at Market buying for my own store and I saw you there, I just knew I had to carry it in my store! It was meant to be! Why are you excited to be carrying KKi products? I just love the story behind Krochet Kids intl. The products are so cute but also each purchase helps someone who needs it. It's really an amazing thing. What has been the response of your customers as they've learned about KKi? I think it makes people feel like they are a part of something bigger. They aren't buying something just to buy something. They can make a difference. What is your favorite product from the KKi Spring Collection? I love 'the Lilly' slouchy beanie! I've been wearing one non-stop lately! Is there anything else you'd like us to know about? Our online store will be launching this spring! We've been working so hard on it and can't wait for everyone to get a chance to shop with us. ... in the meantime, view the location and get directions to the store HERE. Duck & Dressing
Check out Duck & Dressing: Facebook | Twitter | Blog - - - FIND A KKi RETAILER NEAR YOU - - - {photos courtesy of Duck & Dressing}


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