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Travel Well: The Ridgeview

travel bag

TRAVEL WELL featuring 'the Ridgeview'

Traveling doesn't require a destination. It's the journey where we make profound discoveries about the world around us, ourselves, and one another. On the road, our preconceived notions experience a transformation where we are opened up to new ideas and thoughts by experiencing the new and unfamiliar. It was this concept of travel where our mission first began, and we continue to honor it with the work we do with people around the globe by creating a community in the places we root ourselves. Because you don't always know where this long stretch of road, sky, or sea may take you, it's essential to travel well. Our latest collection showcases the newest member of our bag collection, The Ridgeview. Discover essentials for exploring, wandering, and embracing the art of travel below. Learn more about the concept, production, and process of making 'the Ridgeview' HERE.

- - - WOMEN'S - - -

travel bag The Travel Well collection for women features easy layers and hints of detail. From the intricate lace of the 'Knit Lace Long Sleeve' and sepia tones of both 'the Arizona' and 'the Ridgeview', this collection will keep you comfortably confident no matter where the road leads you.
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- - - MEN'S - - -

travel bag From mountaintops to sandy shores, 'the Duncan' is the durable sweatshirt you'll find yourself always returning to, and packing cozy layers like 'the Madison' and 'the Reed' will prepare you for brisk days and cool nights no matter what climate you're in.
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