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New Backpack: The Ridgeview

travel bag


'the Ridgeview' is the latest backpack to join our collection of bags. Whether you're looking for a backpack to complement your back to school style or searching out your next great adventure, 'the Ridgeview' is the versatile and durable backpack that's truly up for anything. Made at our empowerment project in Peru, 'the Ridgeview' is cut, assembled, and finished at our Cut & Sew facility. travel bag When designing and concepting 'the Ridgeview', we knew we wanted to create something simpler and more streamlined than our current backpacks. We wanted to embrace and show the concept of "less is more" in a backpack that has great potential with few frills. Each piece is cut separately and then carefully assembled to create a backpack that balances rugged versatility with classic simplicity. Like all of our Cut & Sew products, we're able to oversee the entire process to ensure the highest level of care for the people in our program. Complete with locally sourced materials like heavyweight yet flexible straps, metal buckles, colorful knit pattern flap, and a soft acrylic canvas body, this lightweight bag is just big enough for all the essentials, but small enough to keep you light on your feet. travel bag travel bag 'the Ridgeview' comes in both Sepia and Olive and isn't complete until the woman who made it signs the label. Because our Cut & Sew Initiative requires a lot of teamwork to create one product, we divide the finished products evenly for the women to sign. travel bag


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