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Twitpic Tuesday

Here’s another segment of Twitpic Tuesday where we highlight supporters through their posts on Twitter and Facebook. We LOVE seeing pictures each and every week from all our friends! Be sure to send us some more photos of your Krochet Kids intl. products in action and mention @krochetkids! (clockwise from upper left) "Day 7- #Button pt 2. I love my #krochetkids hat that has a little removable poof! @krochetkids @kohlgreyson" (via @soruene) "Kohl giving his #praxispitch in his headquarters for@krochetkids" (via @jhansbau) “My @krochetkids hat (: ” (via @NamasteNish) "@xosproductions Jamming out at the @krochetkids booth! #buyahatchangealife" (via @Megs_lynn)


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