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Caption Contest: Flashback

Caption Contest! This photo is very near and dear to our hearts. It dates back to 2007 and our first official Krochet Kids intl. trip to Uganda. This picture was taken on the very first day of training that we had. What a journey it has been since this first day! You guys know the drill... write your caption for what you think is going on in this photo. Tomorrow our interns will decide on their three favorite comments and we'll be sending the winners 'the Barney' in Classic Blue! SUPER FUN FACT: 'the Barney' was the very first hat we taught how to make and that is what we are training on in the photo.
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*** And the winners are... ***

Katy G (via facebook): "Put the right hook in; Take the right hook out; Put the right hook in, and "Krochet" it all about. Do the hokey-pokey and turn this stitch around, and "Krocheting's" what it's all about." Ian W(via facebook): "Ugandan children use African finger traps on unknowing naive hipsters so that they can steal their old man hats." Austin E: “Making the world a better place, one stich at a time.”

Congratulations Katy, Ian and Austin!


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