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The next generation: Knit and crochet hats for babies and children

crochet hats for babies

Limited Edition Children's Collection: Knit and crochet hats for babies and children Children represent the future of our existence. We get to play a role in their development and how they view the world. One of our motivations for creating this holiday collection for children is to help start the conversation about what it means to help and love other people at an early age. Not only are the hats completely adorable, but they also serve as an opportunity to learn about another culture and another person. Search for the lady who made your children's item, share about the impact of knowing her story, and write her a thank you note. This holiday season we are creating one-of-a-kind, limited collections. Be sure to stay tuned for others to be released and get a hold of them while they are available. We don't think they will last very long :)


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