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3 Ways You Can Help Now!

3 days. 3 ways. With 3 days until voting and our chance to win $1 million from Chase Bank we wanted to fill you in on a couple things you can do to help us right now. We are going to need ALL of you to get involved in some way if we are going to have a shot at this, so please consider... 1) Hosting a voting party - Invite people to get together and spend some time (30 - 60 min.) reaching out to your friends and asking them to vote! There is strength in numbers and in working together so please consider rallying some of your community to creatively reach out for KKi! More info HERE. 2) Inviting friends to our Facebook event - We want to let people know what's coming and be able to remind them to VOTE from Nov. 27th - Dec. 4th. Invite your friends today by going HERE. 3) Pledging your support - Pledge to join us in spreading the word, changing your profile picture on Nov. 27th, and more. Pledge HERE. As we have said about 10,000+ times before, KKi exists because of YOU who support us and share about our story with your friends. We are grateful for each one of you and look forward to an exciting week of voting ahead!


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