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the Lucille now available @ Nordstrom

Spring has Sprung and Summer is hiding around the corner! These seasons bring with them a resurrection of life in every shape and form. As Mother Nature sings her new song I find myself rejuvenated mentally, emotionally, and physically. Days are longer, life happens slower, and I find myself lost in the nostalgia of America and somehow seemingly more American. Family BBQ's, lakes, rivers and sunshine. All of which I love deeply. However, as the sun warms our skin, we shed layers and usually our hats are the first go. Its been fun innovating this Spring and Summer line in lieu of hotter temperatures, bending slightly from functionality toward fashion. This has been a learning curve I've come to appreciate greatly. I'm specifically excited about the Lucille as an example of our innovation, carrying with it all the positive associations we have with Spring and Summer while remaining an intricate and beautiful piece that expresses the season's rejuvenation, our eco-conscienceness, and style.
If you didn't already know, Adam Thomson is both our Head Designer and Director of International Affairs. While he is not pursuing his passion by offering the best options for empowerment overseas, Adam is hard at work designing, crocheting, and researching trends. He does an amazing job bringing all of us into the story of the Lucille. This is our first hat that is made from 100% bamboo viscose, as we try to push ourselves and our product to be not only socially conscience but eco-friendly as well. Our womens color story is muted versions of the more traditional Spring and opposite of the mens vibrant colors. The muted cream, sea green, rose, teal and mustard we first saw in nature and their realization came from our love of the soft summer dress at sunset in a green and golden field spotted with yellow flowers. The colors represent an interesting dichotomy for me: mature and confident in fashion yet light and carefree; just how summers should be. The silky and relaxed texture of the bamboo allows the crochet to fall in a gentle and uniquely feminine way. I could not be more ecstatic about the Lucille and the exclusive colors that Nordys will be carrying throughout these warmer months. I'm also excited to see our customers get creative with how they wear the Lucille. The fit is all the same, but whether women will use the beret to dress up their summer nights or provide a needed accent to the typical tank and shorts will be fun to see. Our hat really only make sense in the context of everything else a woman decides to dress herself with and it's always fun to see how creative our customers get! Let's agree to enjoy our summer, live free and love overwhelmingly! - Stewart William Ramsey CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR LOCAL NORDSTROM STORE


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