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Kohl featured on HuffPost Impact

(May 16, 2011) -- The Huffington Post featured the story of KKi and our co-founders today in their "Greatest Person of the Day" section. We were honored and humbled by the opportunity to wear this title for the day. The article does a great and succinct job in sharing the full story of the organization. Here is an excerpt from the article... "Along with his two best friends, Kohl Crecelius is expanding the boundaries of digital connection, philanthropy and retail with a business rooted in a very personal experience -- and a talent for crocheting. "This may sound weird," Kohl, 25, told HuffPost from his office in Costa Mesa, Calif., on Monday, "but there was never really a doubt that this would help or that we would be able to accomplish our mission." Kohl is the CEO of Krochet Kids, a nonprofit he cofounded along with his two childhood best friends, Travis and Stewart. Their mission: to combat poverty and sustain communities worldwide. Their motto: "Buy A Hat. Change a Life."" READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE


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