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The Fashion Revolution Is Upon Us!

Take Action This Week... And Every Week

This week has become an important time of year for the ethical fashion movement. This is Fashion Revolution Week, the global event that calls everyone to question where and how their clothing is made, as well as gather, discuss and create solutions toward a better future for fashion.

Since 2007, Krochet Kids intl. has set a standard for transparency with our products that helps to give you the trust and confidence of knowing the positive impact of your purchases. We have introduced you to the very maker behind each item you purchase from us.

This is a commitment we've made to you and to the makers, but there is truly more that is needed if the general public are to seek out the stories behind their products. That's why we were excited to learn about the start of the Fashion Revolution organization in 2014. Established in the UK, they founded their work initially on the remembrance and commemoration of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that occurred in Bangladesh the year prior, killing over 1,100 garment workers.

They sought to see an end to the mindless consumption and bad business practices that allowed for this to happen. Social media awareness was their tool.

We encourage you to get involved this week in one of TWO ways:

1) Post a photo on social media of your Krochet Kids intl. (or KNOWN SUPPLY) product with the signature of the person who made it. Tagging #knowwhomadeit & #whomakesitmatters 2) Sign the pledge to BREAK UP WITH FAST FASHION by visiting!

Thanks for your ongoing support of our work. Let's continue to change the future of the fashion industry for the better!



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