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Everything You Need To Welcome Baby Home

New Arrivals For Your New Arrival

Whether you are a parent, godparent, grandparent, close friend, or family member, few things in life compare to the excitement of bringing a new little human home for the first time. The anticipation and preparation that lead up to this moment can often feel like it takes forever as all the details get pulled together. In these times, you can't help but think (and overthink) the decor, the toys, and ultimately the environment that these new little ones will be interacting with. And it's absolutely incredible to think about how everything they do is a first for their life on earth (sorry, but had to interject this parental sidenote). :) If you're anything like me, being inundated with gifts and hand-me-downs has the tendency of creating a cluttered, and even chaotic, scenario in baby's room. It's time to take control of the environment you want to create for your new arrival, as well as the narrative you want them to be surrounded by. That's why we have begun to create more goods for little ones. Both for them to wear, to play with, and to decorate their room. It gives you the opportunity to surround them with beautiful pieces and incredible stories of makers who are taking part in inspiring transformations in their lives. And when they are old enough, you can even introduce them to these individuals via KNOWN SUPPLY. Below is a small collection of some of the newest pieces we want to equip you with to welcome baby home.
'the Newborn' hat Stuffed Animals Baby Moccasins Woven Wall Hangings


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