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The Big Announcement Is...

We are so excited to announce that we are a part of Chase's American Giving Awards this year! This means that we are 1 of 25 charities to have the opportunity to win $1 million and further our empowering work around the globe. But if we want to win it we need YOUR help! What will we do with $1 million? Our plan is to bring our life-changing work home to the USA and pilot a program here empowering individuals and communities to rise above poverty! Learn more HERE. During the week of Nov 27th - Dec 4th we need you to gather all of your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else you know to help get us votes! All it takes is logging on to your Facebook account, liking Chase Community Giving and voting for Krochet Kids intl. (Bonus: If you are a Chase account holder you can also vote on their website once logged in.) You only have to vote for us one time but your votes could help us to achieve some huge things! Learn more about how to get involved in helping us win HERE Thank you for helping to empower women and share love across the world with us!


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