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Is Krochet Kids USA on the Horizon?

If we are able to win this grant from Chase Bank it would allow us the opportunity to take amazing strides in our work toward empowerment. Our goal is to pilot a Krochet Kids intl. program here in the USA. And here is why... Our mission statement is to empower people to rise above poverty. We set forth this guiding statement at the very foundation of our organization. From day one we wanted to be about finding relevant and sustainable solutions to help people break the cycle of poverty. It has always been our goal to create a model for change that could exist in different contexts, situations, and countries around the globe. In our work over the last five years we have learned a lot about empowerment and the core elements of its success. From job creation, to education and psycho-social support we have developed our theory of change and seen its success in the communities we work. Simultaneously, we have loved seeing YOUR response to the products and excitement in helping us further our work through their purchase. In an effort to further and improve upon this theory of change we are excited to announce the plan to start a Krochet Kids intl. program here in the USA. Through job creation and supportive education we look to pilot our work in communities here at home and create some amazing new product. Get involved by voting Nov. 27-Dec.4 and sharing this with your friends so they can do the same. -Kohl


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