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Summer 2014: Children's Collection


Our Summer Children's Collection is here and it's more adorable than ever!

Our Children's Collection keeps getting bigger and bigger, and cuter and cuter. With the newest additions to our tiniest collection ever, your little ones will be looking stylish all summer long and beyond. Some of our favorite headbands have made it into the children’s collection this summer, like ‘the Sabrina’ and ‘the Emma’ - just in miniature versions. Your little ones can now have the same sense of “do good” style as you! The beloved animal hat collection has even expanded to include ‘the Teddy’. This little bear hat is sure to be perfect for any summer evening. Our Summer 2014 Children's Collection comes with a full sense of cuteness and a full power of empowerment. Use our products to start a conversation with your child about global issues and social responsibility. It’s never too early to start teaching your little ones about the importance of helping not only those who are closest to them, but also those who may be much farther away. By helping others on a global level, we have the ability to change the world and help those living in vulnerable circumstances to rise above and prosper.
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