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The Chicken or the Egg? Both!

Krochet Kids Uganda We are constantly at work to prepare the women we work with for a life of well-being after they graduate from Krochet Kids intl. One of the biggest contributors to their long-term well-being is their ability to earn a consistent income when they are on their own. In places like Uganda that have been repressed after long periods of war, people are forced get creative when finding business opportunities. However, as people much smarter than us have pointed out, there are business opportunities in every economy regardless of the severity of poverty. In Uganda, one of these opportunities is a poultry business. Raising chickens can be a very lucrative business, especially in Northern Uganda where land is plentiful and generally fertile. Over the last few years the local demand for chicken has drastically increased, creating a great opportunity for those who know how to raise them. We’ve been watching this trend, and last month decided that it was time to host a training series on the subject. To help us provide the best training possible we asked a well-known veterinarian to host the session. He spent the day training the women how to start and run a successful poultry business. In the end, the women walked away with the knowledge they needed be the next chicken mogul of Northern Uganda. And as always we had a little fun. Below are a few photos from the day. Krochet Kids Uganda Krochet Kids Uganda
Krochet Kids Uganda


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