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Story of Change: Akech Sunday

Akech Sunday Empowerment By Way of Business Akech Sunday - KKUganda The women who join our program come with big dreams. Some have goals of educating their children while other look forward to owning a home where they can raise their family. For Akech Sunday, the dream of earning a good income to drive change in her life was the end goal. Since joining KK Uganda in September 2010 Sunday has been on a journey to accomplish this goal. Sunday was born in the Northern part of Uganda where the rebel activity of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s was devastating. Like most people living in Northern Uganda at the time, Sunday endured challenges that are difficult to fathom. The constant threat of rebel attacks kept their family on edge, often times forcing them to flee from their home into the surrounding fields. The war claimed the lives of both of her parents, which left Sunday and her siblings to fend for themselves. With barely enough money to feed themselves, necessities like education and healthcare were impossible to cover. The amazing thing about Sunday is that if you had the chance to meet her today, you wouldn’t know that she came from such tragic beginnings. Her smile is radiant and positivity she emits is contagious. Sunday is using the opportunity she has at KKUganda and her passion for business to generate a better life for her young family. She’s leveraging her entrepreneurial ways to start lucrative agri-business endeavors including crop farming and animal rearing. She purchased two oxen with a loan from the KKUganda SACCO (savings and credit cooperative) that she uses to harvest the beans, sunflowers and grains growing on her farm. She also purchased 11 goats and is expecting that number to double in the coming months as they start to produce. When her mentor asked what her businesses mean to her she replied, “I was so excited when I purchased the oxen that I couldn’t hide my delight from whoever came to see them. I am a proud owner of 2 oxen and 11 goats and I have hired the service of a man in my village to graze them for me.” The combined income from KKUganda and her agri-businesses is driving long-lasting change in Sunday's life. “I recently built my first house and am now one of the few people in my village with a house built with an iron sheet roof. The majority of people have grass-thatched roofs but my metal roof sets me apart as an achiever in my village despite my humble background! Also, many grass thatch houses are burnt by wild fire during dry season, but as for me, my building will be safe.” In addition to her house, Sunday set aside a part of her savings to pay for her children’s education in the future. Having this rainy day fund is something she is very proud of given how rare it is in Uganda to have any savings at all. “The success I’ve registered since joining KK Uganda is amazing given the fact that I had absolutely nothing before joining the program. But now I can now boast of a beautiful home, oxen, a herd of goats and the fact that all my children are attending good schools. I still have many things left to accomplish but I am going to put the pieces together in order to realize even a greater impact!”






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