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Story of Change: Lesly Castillo

Lesly Castillo Krochet Kids Peru For Lesly, the chance to learn how to make quality clothing at Krochet Kids Peru was an opportunity she didn’t want to miss. Before joining the KKPeru she worked part-time in a local clothing store, where she discovered a passion for the industry. Unfortunately she didn’t earn enough income there so she spent the rest of her time working at a local grocery store, a job that she didn’t enjoy as much. She jumped at the opportunity to join KKPeru when her neighbor Evangelina (also a participant in the program) told her about a job opening. Learning to knit and sew is one of the changes in her life that she is most proud of. Eventually she hopes to open a clothing store of her own where she will sell high-quality clothes like the ones she makes at KKPeru. Lesley is leveraging her time at KKPeru by preparing diligently for a better future. She is saving every extra penny in the group saving association to someday build a house. She also plans on going back to school to become a certified secretary, a skill she hopes will help supplement the income she will make from her clothing business. Lesly is full of passion for her future. With help from her mentor Laura, she is making the most of the opportunity at Krochet Kids Peru to create positive change in her life. If you purchased a product that is made by Lesly, make sure to send her a few words of encouragement. Lesly Castillo LabelLesly Castillo CabinetLesly Castillo Mentoring


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