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Elsie Tank

elsie tank krochet kids

The Elsie Tank - the first of its kind!

In our journey to progress as an organization through new products came an idea that took us by surprise – the Elsie Tank. An entirely crocheted apparel piece would not just need creativity, but it would also take patience, commitment, and diligence to complete the task. We are thrilled to announce that the task has been completed and we would like to present to you the very first crocheted apparel piece to come out of KKUganda. Ladies, it will come as no surprise to us if the beach will be involved in many of your summer plans. Chances are you are going to need a cover-up of some sort. Well, you are in luck because the Elsie Tank can be just that! The loose crochet pattern makes this tank light and breathable and has all the potential to become your new beach necessity. Have a summer festival coming up? The Elsie Tank will fit right in. It leaves much room for movement so you can dance like the wild child you are and let the falling tassels sway perfectly with the music. Even if you’re summer isn’t filled with coastal beaches and musical journeys, the Elsie Tank was constructed specifically for the warmer weather making it a summer staple.
Be sure to thank the woman who made your Elsie Tank ---SHOP THE ELSIE TANK--- Elsie Tank


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