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Story of Change: Akot Jennifer's Growth



Jennifer and her family moved to Gulu from a small village deep in the countryside in Northern Uganda. They moved when she was still young to escape the rebel war that was wreaking havoc in the region. Unfortunately, Jennifer lost both of her parents shortly after the move and was left to fend for herself as an orphan. Life was extremely challenging for Jennifer but she was able to survive with the support of the Catholic Mission in Gulu. The mission helped her and her siblings by giving them food, a room to sleep in and money to pay for school fees. Unfortunately, the support ran out after she completed elementary school and at 12 years old she once again found herself looking for a way to make ends meet. She survived by cleaning houses until she found a job as a cook at a restaurant in town. She found a strong passion for cooking at the restaurant, but the small salary she earned wasn’t enough to pay for her basic needs. Since joining KKU in May 2010, Jennifer has been utilizing the program to grow into her full potential. Rather than being a cook at a restaurant she plans on being an owner. In the coming months Jennifer plans on opening a small restaurant that will operate out of her home. She is currently working through important planning exercises like business budgeting, marketing and calculating her profit margin. Jennifer plans to have the business up and running when she graduates in early 2015 she so she can stay out of poverty for good. Jennifer’s story is a great example of the capacity of the women we work with. She found a passion for cooking but was unable to leverage that passion because of her life-circumstance. By utilizing her time at Krochet Kids Uganda Jennifer is now able to pursue that passion, and at the same time, sustain a future of wellbeing for her family.


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