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SPRING 2014 Collection: Progress

SPRING 2014 collection Launch

SPRING 2014 Collection Krochet Kids intl.

Our latest collection is released today, encapsulating the theme and the spirit of one central idea - PROGRESS. Our goal as a brand and an organization is to continually be progressing and encouraging others to do the same. To progress in the types of products we make, the ways in which we empower people, and how others view the impact they can have through their purchases. Over the course of the next couple months we look forward to bringing you deeper into this idea through the lens of our work around the globe. But today, we start with the all-new product! With all-new apparel items constructed at our empowerment project in Peru, to new beanies and scarves to help you stay warm in these final months of winter there is great new products for everyone!
Spring 2014 collection Krochet Kids intl.


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