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Retailer Spotlight: North by Northwest

North by Northwest North by Northwest is one of our great retail partners in Canada. They have been creative and committed in supporting Krochet Kids intl. and have been doing some great things this holiday season to promote our mission. We had the chance to talk with North by Northwest's merchandise buyer, Christina Sigurdson: When and where did your first store open? How many are there now? Our first store opened at Masonville Place in London, Ontario in 1985. We now have eight stores across Southern Ontario plus an online store. What is unique about your stores? We pride ourselves on our ability to bring the outdoor/lifestyle experience (usually found only in store-front locations) to the shopping centre environment. Our goal is to showcase beautiful products in our stores. So, you’re in Canada, how cold is it up there right now? COLD! Let’s put it this way: in the great white north, knit toques, scarves and headbands aren’t just a fashion statement, they are a necessity! How did you first learn about KKi? We first learned about Krochet Kids intl. through our affiliation with Jack Goodjohn, who is also our Toms rep. What has been the response of your customers as they’ve learned about KKi? Our staff and customers have really embraced the whole philanthropic story behind Krochet Kids intl. They love the personal touch of seeing a signature from the person who made each product. What is your favorite product from our Fall 2013 collection? My favourite product(s) are ‘the Rosie’ headband and ‘the Quinn’ scarf. I bought the burgundy colour in both and just love wearing them every day. They go with all of my outfits, and keep me nice and warm! North by Northwest Canada Tell us about fun Canadian holiday traditions, personal or national. In Canada, we have Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. Originally, this was a day to get together with friends and give gifts, and to celebrate Christmas. Now it’s a HUGE shopping day, where everyone goes to the mall. As a personal tradition, every Christmas season one of my favourite things to do is watch a ton of Christmas movies and cozy up by the fire, make Christmas cookies and decorate the tree. Tell us about the upcoming event you are hosting for KKi in your stores. During Black Friday Weekend, all of our staff wore KKi tees that we will be introducing to our product mix for Spring 2014. They will also be able to wear KKi headwear that they own. And our customers will get the opportunity to learn about the brand and the great selection we currently offer in our stores. We’ve also been able to feature KKi in our front windows as a part of our Christmas themed windows, with headwear hanging like ornaments on the tree.


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