Onward and Upward: Acaa Margret

  • by Kohl Crecelius
Onward And Upward

Empowerment is... Self-Confidence

Before joining Krochet Kids Uganda, Acaa Margret sold sugar cane, peanuts and porridge on the side of the road. At the end of the month Margret would have to spread out the $30 she earned to provide for all her family’s basic needs. It was difficult for her to make any progress in life because she often times didn’t have enough to cover her basic expenses let alone invest into her future. Margret joined the program in late 2007 after we learned of her situation and has since been progressing onward and upward towards a better future. When asked about how her life has changed since joining KKU she had this to say, “I’ve learned how to live with people and create deep friendships. I’ve learned how to share issues with my friends in times of problems. I’m able to manage difficult situations now. In addition, with the knowledge I gained from the trainings, I’ve learned how to be a leader and now hold a leadership position in my church.” Margret is scheduled to graduate from Krochet Kids Uganda in June 2014 and therefore has been preparing for life after the program. In September she and her husband took out a loan from the Krochet Kids SACCO and purchased a motorcycle that they rent to a local taxi driver. The money they are earning by renting the motorcycle doubled their family income and is providing them with the means to dream even bigger. “After completing the loan payments for my motorcycle I plan on opening an electronic shop together with my husband. There is an available market for those items and my husband is a trained electrician.” Margret’s long-term goal is to buy a plot of land and build a home for her family. She constantly tells her mentor that more than anything she wants to become a good leader in her church and the community where she lives. Margret is living proof that a deep and holistic investment in an individual can create lasting community change from the bottom up.

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