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Retailer Spotlight: SEED People's Market

SEED People’s Market is one of Krochet Kids intl.'s beloved retailers and long-time supporters. They always go above and beyond in helping us share our message of empowerment and we were stoked to join with them for a special display for our Spring/Summer line. We had the pleasure of sitting down with two of Seed’s Manager’s, Mona and Bryan, and asking them a few questions. Check out their answers… When did your store first open? Seed opened in June 2009. Its goal was to provide an alternative shopping experience. The mantra is “products with a purpose”. How did you first hear about Krochet Kids intl.? Mona: Here at Seed, actually! I remember seeing it when I started working here. I fell in love with the products and then was caught by the story. Why are you excited to be carrying our products? I love that it empowers people in less fortunate countries- it gives them a chance to rise above their circumstances. Besides the fact that its such great product, the story behind the product is so impactful. Such a great thing to be a part of. What is your favorite product from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection? Bryan: The Amor beanie in grey – I wear mine all the time! Mona: The iPad mini case- it was something suprising to see and they’re so cute and well made! Everyone was so stoked on them. krochet kids intl. display What sets your store apart from other retailers? Mona: That fact that we’re so environmentally aware. The whole concept came about ten years ago and was way ahead of its time. Not everyone was on board, but we knew this was the way it needed to happen. Especially in the Costa Mesa area. Its all about where things are sourced from. The founder got shut down for a long time, but he pushed through until others saw his vision. Its awe-inspiring. Now every single thing we sell is either environmentally friendly, supports a cause, or is made by a local artisan. What summer adventures do you have planned? Bryan: Whale watching and deep sea fishing! Mona: My personal adventure is getting to explore more of California. I came from Brooklyn and I’m still learning about all that California has to offer. Do you have a message to share with the KKi retailer community? Be open to every new idea! And support those presenting because you never know what they might turn into. It could be the next Krochet Kids! There is so much potential in everyone and we all need support. The domino effect that things like Krochet Kids intl. can have is incredible. DSC_0015
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