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All New Children's Collection

Krochet Kids releases new Children's Hats Our "Smallest" Collection Ever We have listened to the many pleas from all you parents, aunts, grandmas, and friends who have wanted to clothe your children in Krochet Kids intl. goodies. We have expanded upon our limited collection we released during the holidays to include hats for newborns, booties, and new patterns. Not only will these new products look amazing on your little ones, but there is something we are even more excited for as it relates to these crochet and knit hats for children. We are happy to help provide you the opportunity to start a conversation about empowerment, hope, and LOVE with the children you know. It is a special experience to go through the process of showing the signature and then searching for the lady who crafted your item online. The sooner we expose our children to ways to help and to people and cultures different than ours, the better off our world will be. Join us in this movement to make purchases that change people's lives, and bring your children along for the ride.
new children's beanie by Krochet Kids intl. Krochet Kids crocheted booties for babies


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