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Retail Spotlight: Greenheart Shop

greenheart shop

Meet Chicago's premiere non-profit, fair trade shop!

Greenheart Shop prides itself on curating a collection that does "as little harm as possible" to both people and the planet. They want their products to tell stories - whether it's from a local artisan or one from across the globe. A brand of Greenheart International, a Chicago-based organization that aims to create global leaders, Greenheart Shop showcases a wide variety of products from all over the world that are made fairly. Learn more about this awesome retailer below! greenheart shop How did you first hear about Krochet Kids intl.? We are always on the lookout for fair trade that fits a modern aesthetic, so when we did stumbled upon you (can’t remember the exact moment) we were thrilled! Why did you decide to carry our products? We love the story of Krochet Kids intl.! From the story behind your name, to the signature on the products every piece has a way of making you feel connected to it and the artisan who made it. What KK intl. product seems to be the bestseller? 'the Pike' bags! They are always beautiful patterns that every are perfect for every age and gender! Love! How do you stay connected with your community? We open up our shop as a free event space! We have hosted many events from neighborhood mixers to educational field trips for our neighborhood Girl Scouts! What is your favorite holiday tradition? There are several outdoor ice skating rinks around Chicago, and they're the best place to enjoy the outdoors during the holiday season! Once you're done skating, grab a hot chocolate to warm up and you're good to go. Where did you get the idea for a socially conscious store? Greenheart Shop is part of the larger non-profit Greenheart International, which was founded 30 years ago and connects people and planet to create global leaders. The retail shop opened in 2007 with the goal of promoting conscious consumerism and fair trade. Are you hosting any upcoming events? For Small Business Saturday on November 28th we are inviting our local community to come discover fair trade. We are even sweetening the already great buys with a mug giveaway with any purchase over $75.


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