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Giving Thanks


What the Ladies are Thankful For

There's always room to be more thankful. Thankfulness gives one the ability to fully recognize the meaning of the people, things, and aspects that one loves. Gratitude is deep, rooted in one's ability to fully appreciate something and perhaps more difficult than that, to recognize that appreciation. At KK intl., we find great power in being thankful and expressing that thankfulness. That's why we allow and encourage our customers to personally thank the lady who made their product. This simple concept connects the consumer and the creator in a powerful way. We not only give this opportunity to the consumer, we also allow our artisans to express the things they are thankful for. Six of the women from our programs in Peru and Uganda shared with us what they are thankful for, here is what they said. Lesly Castillo: "I am thankful for each day. For my family and the blessing that my son is to me. I am happy because I’ve reached emotional stability. Thanks to my job, I have been able to support my family and last but not least I’m extremely thankful for my mentor Laura and all of her advice and support." Auma Sunday: "My work makes me happy and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for being an African and how I love myself". Auma Sunday Eliza Zevallos: "I am thankful that my family has found ways to live together without conflicts and misunderstandings. I am not the same person I used to be. I have changed for good. I have learned that I am strong enough to overcome problems and be happy. I am thankful for my mentor, for all her patience with me. Her advice helps me to be a better person every day." Eliza_Zevallos_Signature Acayo Nighty: "I am thankful for the love of the interns, and for the work they have done. I am thankful for friends, and the leaves on the trees in the compound". Sandra Castillo: "I am thankful for all of the good things happening in my life right now. I have learned how to stand up for myself. I had issues with my personality and self-esteem that I have been able to overcome. The trainings help me see things from a different perspective and look for meaningful experiences in my life. I used to say I could not do anything right but my mentor has been very encouraging and I appreciate her for all her help. I have even bought a knitting machine because I know I will be capable do create things on my own." Sandra_Castillo Atoo Mary: "I am thankful for being friends with the interns and thankful for how they love us". Atoo Mary


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