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[PHOTOS] Gala - Newport Beach, CA

Tuesday of this week we hosted our first gala in Newport Beach, CA. The Lido Theatre served as the perfect backdrop as we welcomed friends and supporters into the next chapter of our unfolding story. The energy that the crowd brought with them inspired and encouraged us in ways that we could only hope to reciprocate. Every year we do these events we are reminded of the power of community and the amazing supporters that stand behind what we do. Krochet Kids intl. would cease to exist without the love and support of our friends. All we can do is humbly thank those of you who have joined hands with us in the adventure. Because believe us when we say, this is just the beginning... Adam Thomson, brother SteveO, and friends enjoying the night. We <3 our interns. Yes, those are astronauts. You'll have to come and see why they're on the screen at the Spokane & Seattle events. Kohl sharing about the power of dreams. Stewart Ramsey hugging people. What's new, right? We love our new hats! The entire Krochet Kids intl. staff bidding farewell. {photos courtesy of Jenavieve Belair of}


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