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Photo Essay: Gulu Uganda


David Garvin is our Art Director here at Krochet Kids intl. However, his introduction to the organization happened long before that when he spent a year working at Krochet Kids Uganda overseeing our production and quality control. Needless to say, everything he does now is a result of the depth of knowledge of our work and the relationships he built with the women we work with. And he is not joking about the part of the ladies lifting him on their shoulders when he visited this summer.

Returning to Gulu Uganda

It has been 2 years since Ally and I lived in Uganda. We dedicated a year of our lives to investing into other people’s lives. It was a year full of life change, learning, struggles and hard work. I first learned how to use my camera when we lived in Uganda. I learned what it meant to serve and work hard for a cause I believed in, and I became more passionate about working for an organization that truly provides life change for people. This summer I got to go back to Gulu for one week to help film and capture footage/stills for Krochet Kids intl. It was really good to go back. The ladies of KKU picked me up on their shoulders and made me feel so welcomed and loved. We traveled around Gulu to capture pieces of what life is like there and tried to properly show the amazing work that Krochet Kids intl. is doing on the ground. Here is a look into that week.




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