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Out of the Office, into the Compound

New Faces (1 of 2) This summer we mentioned that we had grown our family in Uganda to help meet the growing demand for our products (read original post). We brought on an additional 34 women to take part in our programs in Northern Uganda, and the release of our FALL 2011 Collection serves as the first time hats would be made by this group of new ladies. So, we wanted to formally introduce the new ladies by highlighting their profiles. We can't wait to see the ways in which these ladies take control of their futures! Look inside your hat and see who made it. Perhaps it's one of these new ladies featured below. Then (as always) be sure to thank the lady that made your hat. Acaa Margaret Ocaka Acan Florence Aciro Aidah Aciro Betty Aciro Lucy Adong Sunday Ajok Jackline Akello Jennifer Obwona Akello Josephine Akello Mary Sarah Akello Susan Aketowanga Nighty Akwero Lillian (pictured above!) Amono Lucy Anena Jackline Apakrwot Janet


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