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Our Top Places to Visit in Costa Mesa, CA

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We Love Our City

Our offices have been located in Costa Mesa, CA for over a decade. Why? We were initially drawn to the overwhelming number of apparel brands that we had a lot of respect for -- Vans, Obey, Volcom & many more -- AND it's proximity to the beach is also very nice. While we've learned immensely from said brands, we have stayed in Costa Mesa because of the community of like-minded individuals and small businesses that make this city the jewel of Orange County, if not Southern California as a whole (try to change our mind). We thought it would be fun to take you through a digital tour of our city and highlight some of our favorite spots. Many of whom you can support from afar, but otherwise you'll have to come and experience them for yourself!

But first, coffee...

To be honest, when we first moved to Costa Mesa, great coffee was in short supply, but over the last 5 years we've been #blessed with an incredible wave of amazing coffee and quaint shops run by some of our favorite people.
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Neat // Ally Garvin and her husband David have been close friends to Krochet Kids intl. for years. Therefore, we were thrilled when she was able to see her dream come to life of opening her own coffee shop in west side Costa Mesa. Bad Coffee // This coffee shop is a liar... in the best way. Bryant and the team behind Bad Coffee are serving up amazing coffees in a beautiful well-lit environment Common Room Roasters // If you want to go straight to the source, check out the coffee roasting operation at Common Room Roasters. One of the only shops locally that roasts their own beans, you can find their coffee at their cafe or at a number of other establishments in the area.

All the eats...

Other than the first restaurant listed, the establishments below have been opened up within the last 5 years and represent the growing food scene in our city. We couldn't be more happy. Additionally, everything we are highlighting is reasonably priced, GOOD food. Just how we like it.
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Taco Mesa // You do not leave Costa Mesa without eating Mexican food and the outdoor patio at Taco Mesa is as good of a place to enjoy some amazing food as any. It's a local staple, especially on Taco Tuesday. Boathouse Collective // Surfboards hanging from the ceiling, live music on the stage, and a robust food & drink menu make Boathouse a local favorite that is representative of a "Costa Mesa born & raised" vibe. Outpost Kitchen // If you are looking for fresh, farm to table foods for breakfast and lunch look no further than this spot. Follow your google directions closely because you'd drive by this spot unknowingly if you weren't looking. 2145 Pizza // Because pizza. This small footprint restaurant has a menu packed with incredible wood fired pizzas, and a great beer selection to boot.

Where to shop...

Costa Mesa is home to some of the highest grossing shopping malls in the country. Take our advice and steer clear of those in favor of visiting some of the local shops that are thinking differently and will inspire you aesthetically.
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Almond Surfboards // Home of the MOST beautiful surfboards, Almond is one of those community hubs in our city that everyone is proud to have in our backyard. They are also doing some incredible work, growing the sustainability movement within surf. Lander's Supply House // Newly opened, this shop boasts a wide range of vintage finds, print on demand graphic t-shirts, and found items. They also happened to be down the street from their other venture -- Lander's Liquor Bar. Daydream // In a discrete warehouse space off the beaten path in west side Costa Mesa lies a beautiful concept store home to a coffee bar, a surfboard club, and beautifully refined retail finds. KNOWN SUPPLY // Krochet Kids intl. / Come visit us. Our offices are open for you to come shop during the week 9am - 5pm. We'd love to meet you!

And don't miss...

Without question, these gems will round out your Costa Mesa experience in the best way possible. Being neighbors with the great Pacific Ocean is the hands-down the best part about where we live.
Newport Beach // Being in Costa Mesa, you are just a few miles from the beach. Newport beach is home to amazing surf, a beautiful harbor, and tons of additional options for food & drink. Gunwhale Ales // Breweries are the latest wave of small businesses that we are welcoming to our city with open arms. Of the handful that are popping up, Gunwhale Ales is one of our favorites, especially for their hazy IPAs (if you know, you know). Mother's Market // This organic market is great for a lot of reasons, but the best kep local secret is that they have something called the "Sunrise Special" -- breakfast (including coffee & a monthly special) for only $3.99. Shhhh... don't tell anyone. Sidecar Doughnuts // The best doughnuts you will eat. Period.


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