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Out of the Office, into the Compound

Introducing KKU Group 5 Alice is one of the wonderful women in our fifth group of crocheters. This hut is quite easily the most eclectic of all, with singers, dancers and actresses filling the structure with song and laughter during the workdays. It's a beautiful thing to hear them singing together as they do their crocheting and even more wonderful to watch as they encourage and humor one another throughout their days at the compound. Abalo Margret, Aber Rose, Aciro Kettie Grace, Adong Janet, Adongpiny Christine, Akello Jennifer, Akello Welsy Olara, Akongo Christine, Alanyo Alice, Anena Irene, Apiyo Agnes, Aryemo Beatrice, Atim Brenda, Laker Rose, Ocwee Grace, Oroma Catherine


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