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ODW partnership update: Angie

Many of you have probably heard about our new project in Peru and our partnership with One Day's Wages in order to raise the initial funding for the project. We've had people donate their weddings, donate their birthday, or simply just raise money. Recently we had someone do something particularly awesome - our new friend Angie decided to shave her head in order to help raise money for our new project in Peru! Check it out. You can read the full story here. Where are you from, how old are you, where do you go to school, what do you do in your free time, what makes you happy? Tell us about yourself! I was born and raised in New Brighton (Minneapolis), Minnesota. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I am majoring in Community Health Education and Spanish. I have been to Mexico a total of six times: I have been on various mission trips near the border and I studied abroad in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico Spring 2010. I enjoy getting to know people; I love hearing about people's passion in life and genuinely how they are doing. I like to find similarities and celebrate differences. I believe everyone should be treated with respect. I am passionate that every person should have a support from a loved one (family member, friend, etc.). I love being that support for loved ones and having deep conversations. I love to be active in the outdoors. I rollerblade every chance I get, even if there is snow on the ground. I go for walks often and enjoy rock climbing, biking and climbing the bluffs. My favorite place to be is in the middle of a Minnesota lake with my family by our boat. I am part of a large family and they are very important to me. Christ is the center of my life and He is my motivation. How did you hear about Krochet Kids international? One Day's Wages introduced me to Krochet Kids once I contacted them and told them that I wanted to raise money to help end work poverty. Why did you choose to shave your head? That's dedication - why did you choose to do something so huge when you could have just ran a race or something? I chose to shave my head because I wanted to support women and children battling cancer. Young women who have survived cancer have told me that losing their hair was the hardest part of being sick. I wanted to come along side these women and show them they are not alone. Fighting cancer is difficult and I wanted them to know that I support them and honor their bravery. Moreover, I wanted to reduce the negative stigma associated with women and no or little hair. Beauty is inward and should be expressed through our eyes, our smiles, and our actions (not our hair). After much prayer and listening, I felt that God wanted me to shave my head for these women - both those battling cancer and the women who are empowered through Krochet Kids. How did your friends and family react to you shaving your head? A year and a half ago, I started feeling God's push to shave my head. Since I felt so strongly about it, my family and friends were very supportive. My mom did not like the idea of me having no hair at first, but after reassuring her that I wanted to do this (and partly telling her that I am doing this), she opened up to the idea. Many of my friends showed their support through letters, words of encouragement, and coming to the event to be with me when I shaved my head (see one of the pictures). I call bingo at an assistant living, and all of the women and men there are a constant support as well. EVERY week when I see them, they confirm that my hair is growing and that they are proud of me for shaving my head for a cause. It sounds like you knew that you wanted to shave your head from the beginning - did you ever consider doing anything else to help raise money before you decided on shaving your head? Until a couple of years ago, I thought I would never shave my head. God changed my mentality! Once I knew I was going to shave my head, that is when I started searching for an organization to support. I wanted to help end world poverty and have the money go to help people around the world who truly need and appreciate the money. I gave my supporters the option to donate through St. Baldricks towards cancer research or through ODW/KKi to empower women in Peru. The overwhelming majority partnered with me to raise money for these impoverished women! I have done other fundraising activities, but shaving my head took commitment and dedication. I knew it would be a long process of growing my hair out again. It has been a humbling, honoring journey. I have heard many heart-wrenching stories from strangers in the community. I continue to tell my story in hopes that people will notice others in need and help bridge the gap with their resources (money, time, love, etc.). Thank you so much, Angie, for your fearless dedication! We are so thankful for you, what you did, and the money that you raised for our new project in Peru. You're rad! Not willing to shave your head? Don't worry, there's other ways you can help out! You can donate your birthday, run a race in honor of KKi Peru, have a garage sale, donate your wages from a day - you really can do anything. Start a campaign today! Want to help but don't know how to? There's two awesome shows that are benefitting KKi Peru and both are happening next Friday, May 27th. There's one in Chicago and one at our Headquarters in Costa Mesa - you won't want to miss them!


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