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Nothing Better Than Saturdays!


'the Saturdays Sweater'

What's better than Saturdays? Our FIRST EVER all-knit apparel item also features our first animal print pattern. Whether your weekends are indoors or outside, you can't go wrong with 'the Saturdays Sweater'. It's super soft and perfect for hanging comfortably at home, but with a wild design, you can just as easily head out for fun with friends. Made at our empowerment projects in KKPeru, you know that this sweater is more than just good looks. It's hand-signed by the lady who made it, and you can get to know her, write her a thank-you note, and see her life change for the better. - -- SHOP 'the SATURDAYS SWEATER' -- - SP15_W_SaturdaysSweater_Leo_Flat01 W_SaturdaysSweater_Leo_02


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