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SP14 Graphic Apparel Krochet Kids intl.

Keep it Casual with Our Graphic Apparel

Assembled at our Cut & Sew program in Peru, our graphic apparel products are light in weight for the springtime sun but were made with a heavy load of love. Sometimes long sleeves are too long and short sleeves are too short. It's frustrating for a guy and we get that! So we thought to meet in the middle and create our Made Authentically Baseball Tee. It has just the right amount of sleeve so you will be ready for any type of weather. Baseball not your style? Don't forget about our Future Tee that, literally, was made to inspire. One of our staff favorites for the ladies has been one of our all-new tank tops, the Stade Tank. Not only does it have an A+ in comfort and fit, but it comes in an awesome vibrant color so you can stand out among the crowd this spring!
M-MadeAuthenticallyBaseballTee-Navy_Fit-2 LoveTee-Redblue_Fit W-StadeTank-Celery_Fit-2 M-FutureOfChangeTee-Natural_Fit-1


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