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Training Update: Change through Leadership

Leadership Training Krochet Kids Peru We believe in that women who participate in KKi programs have the capacity to drastically change the future of the developing world. As they make the transition from vulnerability to wellbeing they often become some of the wealthier and more knowledgeable people in their community. Our goal is that they leverage their new wealth to lead their families and communities towards a future defined by empowerment and wellbeing. To help encourage this we hosted a training session on leadership, or as they call it at our office in Peru, liderazgo. The goal of the training was to show the women that they are capable of being a leader. Often times the poor define themselves by their poverty and therefore don’t believe they are capable of leading. They believe that leadership is for the rich. We are hard at work erasing this perception and replacing it with a liberating sense of self-worth. We don't normally pair trainings with homework, but seeing as this is such an important topic we threw a little extra work into the mix. We divided the women into groups and asked each group to write a manual on how to be a leader. Over the course of the following week they met with their group and worked through ideas like humility, positive communication and servant leadership. The results have been amazing. In the short time since the training it is evident that the women are seeing themselves in a new light. They show a heightened sense of belief in their capacity to lead towards change. This is a an important psychological change that is a foundation that future empowerment will build upon. Below are few pictures of the manuals they put together. Krochet Kids Leadership 4 Krochet Kids Leadership 3 Krochet Kids Leadership Krochet Kids Leadership 2


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