New E-book: A Simple Guide to Measuring Social Impact

  • by Kohl Crecelius
social e-book The social enterprise sector is exploding. There are more social businesses, non-profits and foundations that aim at giving back now than at any point in history, but does this mean we are heading towards a better world? Is the rise of social entrepreneurship a positive phenomenon? No, not in and of itself. Social entrepreneurs have immense potential to generate the positive social change that will keep humanity afloat, but only those with well-designed and tested models will successfully do so. In our new e-book A Simple Guide to Measuring Social Impact we outline 4 simple steps that any organization (a new start-up or established non-profit) can incorporate into their framework. The conversation surrounding sustainability, conditions for workers, the environment, and transparency continues to get louder as both brands and organizations are created, grow, and adapt to this paradigm shift. Because social impact is a result, not an action, the steps highlighted in our e-book provide new ways of approaching ways to think about their own impact. Our goal is to highlight the tools that we’ve benefited greatly from over the years with the hope that they accelerate your journey towards becoming a vehicle for change.
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"Architects of social impact are purposeful, strategic and intelligent. Most importantly they are obsessed with going beyond good intentions to generate the social impact they set out for in the first place. The good news is that there’s no better time to be that type of organization. Now more than ever we know the qualities that set the best social enterprises apart from the rest. We have more than enough tools and information available to us that can be used to kick-start your organization towards impact." - Adam Thomson, VP of Impact, KK intl.

social e-book social e-book If you have any questions about the e-book or how we can help you measure your social impact, send us an email at

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