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Mentors At Play

Mentor 8 Who doesn’t love a good ropes course? Yeah… that’s how we feel too! When we discovered one (and a whole lot more) just a few miles from our office in Uganda, we knew we had to make a trip to see it with our own eyes. Last week we put our normal program activities on hold and took our team of mentors to see some new friends at The Recreation Project. It was awesome! KK intl. mentors act like co-pilots that partner with the women on their journey towards a better future. Mentorship is an integral part of our program, and allows beneficiaries to hone their skills, build relationships, and achieve success outside of our program. As you can imagine, empowerment is no walk in the park. In fact it’s really hard work, which is why we took a break to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and prepare for what the rest of the year has in store for us. This is the first time any of the mentors have seen a ropes course, but that didn’t slow them down one bit. They spent the day climbing bouldering walls, zipping down zip-lines and passing people through a weird looking spiderweb thing (we're not sure that is the technical term). In addition to the new challenges presented by the course, the mentors worked together to make it through each and every obstacle. This promoted teamwork, strengthened trust between the mentors, and shared laughter and memories for all involved. Enjoy the photos. Mentor 1 DSCF3664 Mentor 10Mentor 5DSCF4067 Mentor 3MEntor 11Mentor 4


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