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Retail Spotlight: Purpose Boutique

purpose boutique

Purpose Boutique aims to show how you shop can change a life.

Purpose Boutique is a retail store located in Bremerton, WA and Kirkland, WA with a unique mission to use their gifts and talents to see broken lives renewed, the oppressed set free, and people educated on the power of their buying choices. Their story is one of calling, courage, and collaboration, and we are proud to partner with Purpose in our shared mission of empowering others through holistic models. What sets Purpose Boutique apart from other retailers in WA? Purpose Boutique is a women’s clothing and accessories boutique and online retailer that believes that how you shop can change a life, locally and worldwide. We provide customers with an opportunity to change lives by shopping purposefully. How? We donate at least 1% sales ($25,958 in 2 years!) to restore hope to marginalized women. We partner with 20 empowerment brands (including Krochet Kids intl.!) that provide the disadvantaged dignified work. We’ve begun our own empowering, affordable and adorable Purpose clothing line, made with hope and dignity by survivors of injustice. And, we style women of all shapes, sizes, and ages with confidence-strengthening, affordable looks. Purpose Boutique is a story of an ever-increasing number of women and men who choose to use their talents and purchases to change the community and the world! Describe the aesthetic of your store in three words. Bright, energetic, and inspirational. Copy of Kirkland_Store8 How did you first hear about Krochet Kids intl.? Our lead merchandiser became familiar with Krochet Kids intl. while working at Nordstrom as a personal stylist. She loved the style and mission behind the brand and brought it to Purpose Boutique! Why did you decide to carry our products? Krochet Kids intl.’s product and business model are aligned with our mission and commitment to carry on-trend, affordable and holistically empowering products in our stores! It’s an honor to partner with an organization that is committed to such an incredible mission! What KK intl. product seems to be the bestseller? In the summer and spring seasons, we tend to sell a significant number of 'Pocket Tanks' and 'Love Tees'! In the fall and winter seasons, we sell an incredible amount of beanies! 17030334273_df34f5b2b3_o How does Purpose Boutique stay connected with its community? We stay connected with our community in-person in our stores, through events and online through social media platforms and email correspondence. We love our customers (they’re #1!) and are committed to answering questions promptly and styling with love and expertise. We hear you like to party! How does hosting events assist in developing relationships with your customers? You heard correctly- we LOVE to party! Purpose Boutique started in our founder’s living room in a party environment full of friends, laughter and styling fun! We style in-store everyday, but we also host private parties for groups and public Ladies’ Night Out events to keep that party vibe alive. Events allow our stylists to connect with our customers on a deeper level in a fun, community style environment. They are also a great way for us to thank our customers for all they do to change lives by shopping purposefully! We many times feature special giveaways, drinks and other fun perks. Copy of Kirkland_Store1 What message would you like to share with the KK intl. community? First off, thank you for making the commitment to shop purposefully through brands like Krochet Kids intl. and retailers like Purpose Boutique! How you shop can change a life — you really can impact change and hope by doing something you! Secondly, we want to encourage you to use your gifts and talents to start something new that makes a difference in the world. Take a leap of faith. Your small act may turn into something immeasurably more than you could have imagined! Copy of Purpose_Owners If you’d like to stay up to date on Purpose Boutique’s latest looks, follow us on Facebook or check them out at
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