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Meet the Textile: Aria & Asher

cotton dress


With the arrival of our Spring 2016 collection comes 'the Aria' and 'the Asher' - our very first dress and a brand new tee made from the same unique material. Crafted from 100% locally sourced cotton, both are available in "Black and White" and "Navy and Mahogany", named for the colors featured in the end on end stripe textile they are made from. 'End on end stripe' is a type of cloth made up of very small, closely woven stripes in alternating dark and light hues that are only visible from up close, but from a distance they create the illusion of a solid color. This intricate detail, along with the comfortable and versatile silhouettes make both 'the Aria' and 'the Asher' rising favorites from our Spring 2016 collection. cotton dress Both are cut and sewn from this material at our empowerment project in Peru and no product is complete without the signature of the woman who made it. Every purchase provides consistent employment, mentorship, and education for the women in our program in order to empower them to rise above poverty, forever. cotton dress cotton dress cotton dress cotton dress cotton dress cotton dress
cotton dresscotton dress


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